Council Members are at the heart of our business to give members, like you, a platform for sharing your views and ideas on how we can make our Co-op one we can all be proud of for years to come. Get in touch locally:

If you’re looking to raise a complaint or have questions about your membership or local store, please call: 0800 0686 727.

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John Boyle

Membership and Party Support Officer - Stafford

I work for the Co-operative Party in Membership. I am Chair of Revolver Co-operative (a Fairtrade Co-op); a Trustee Board member of the Co-operative College; a Co-operative Trustee Governor of Stafford Manor High School; a Director of Stafford Rangers Supporters Trust, and “President” of Fairtrade Association Birmingham. I aim to help the Co-op business follow the Co-operative Values and Principles. I hope to help the Members' Council hold the Co-op Board to account.

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David Hallam

Company Director - Smethwick

My main message to co-operators in the West Midlands is always feel free to get in touch, which you can do by emailing

I have been a Member of the European Parliament and a borough councillor and know that democracy works best when there is a dialogue between electors and elected.

My ambition is that the Co-op becomes a major brand on the high street and online. We must be part of every community and seen to be a vibrant contributor to the wider regional economy. We offer an alternative way of doing business and must show that we can be efficient, modern and customer-focused.

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Janson Woodall

Business Information Manager - Talke

I worked for the Co-op for 19 years, only leaving when our pharmacy business was sold. I was also a pension trustee until 2014. I currently work for the pharmacy group, Well. I use many of the Co-op businesses, such as Food and Insurance. I want the Council to be a real voice for all members, ensuring we truly have a say in the way we do business and the strategies we set to truly prosper.

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Bernadette O'Neill

Training Manager

I have spent my career in international development, social care and, most recently, the NHS. The values of the Co-op are important to me and why I commit to them with pride. The work the Co-op does in the community is something I wish to bring my 30 years of knowledge and experience to.

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