Yorkshire & The Humber

  • Margaret Silcock



    Chair and Director, Mayfields Community Trust Active in 6 local groups National Council member on Ethics and Social Responsibility Committees as well as Task and Finish Group on Sustainability. Labour Party activist and Co-operative Party Member.

  • Lesley Reznicek

    Lesley Reznicek (Senate Member)

    Retired HR Manager

    My experience encompasses retail management, employee relations and governance. As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, I regularly attend update sessions on Human Resource Management. As your first President, I used the skills gained in developing the John Lewis governance model to help set up our new governance structure. My aim remains to develop our Co-operative difference. To do this, Council needs to build better links with our Members, ensure colleagues have greater opportunities to understand our Co-operative difference and crucially, we must help create a better balance between our business aspirations and democratic objectives.

  • Michael Marks



    I am retired from full time work having been employed for many years in the job centre network as a manager and subsequently I.T systems project manager. My later years of work were as a self-employed programme manager. I am now a co-opted member of Barnsley Council's audit committee as well as treasurer and trustee of Mind which I have been with for 20 years. I have been a co-operator for all of my life. Spending well over twenty years as elected member mainly at a local level although for the last six years at regional level also.

  • Lyn Hunter

    Store Manager (Co-op Employee)


    I am married with 3 daughters. When I started working for "the Co-op" it was part time at my local store to fit in with the girl’s school and my husband’s shift work. Fast forward 16 years, the girls have left home and I'm a Store Manager. I was on Area Committee for 11 years seeing many changes for members and store colleagues. I’m passionate about working with other co-op businesses to support our communities, meeting and working with local groups/charity's to improve people's lives and environment. As members I feel you have a say and need to be heard.

  • Lynne Hibberd

    Senior Lecturer


    I'm a Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies and a former Mental Health Nurse. Having worked in public service all my life, I wholeheartedly support the community goals and activities that form the basis of the Co-op. At a time when other traditional social institutions and support structures are in decline the Co-op’s values decrease isolation and strengthen communities. I’m proud to act as a Council Member and aim to do my bit in ensuring that the Co-op’s vital and vibrant history of community endeavour and principled business practices maintains a strong presence in the 21st century.

  • Eileen Driver

    Retired teacher


    I am passionate about co-operative solutions and I am privileged to be working on the Group National Council. My years of experience on North Yorks Area Committee and North Regional Board have enabled me to see the strengths within Group and challenges that still need to be resolved in Rebuild. I am especially campaigning for the creation of local forums that involve members, businesses and elected members in effective bodies that successfully enact our Principles and Values. Working on Co-ops UK has given me insights into Best Practice and an opportunity to connect Group with the wider Co-op movement.

  • Dorothy Miller

    I have lived in the Doncaster area all my life and have been an active member of the Co-op for over 20 years. Prior to retirement I was Deputy Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages at Doncaster Register Office for 26 years. My main hobby away from my family and The Co-op is being involved with music as a chorister and on the steering committee of a Youth Music & Drama Festival.

  • Amie Armillei

    Suma employee

    Biography not yet available

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