Your council, your voice

Introducing our National Members’ Council.

Council Collage 2023

Our National Members’ Council is made up of 100 Co-op Members from around the UK, including colleagues. They meet six times a year to hear about the things Co-op is doing as a business. Our Council Members have the chance to ask questions and input into decisions to make sure things are done in a way that benefits our members and communities.

As our Co-op is owned by its members, they have the chance to elect representatives to the Members' Council as voices for them at the highest level of our Co-op.

The Council also acts as the guardian of the co-op values and principles, making sure they're at the heart of what we do as a business.

One of these principles is education, training and information which aims to enable members to help develop the co-op they own and promote the benefits of co-operation.

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