AGM update: Fairtrade

All the cocoa in our products will be Fairtrade by the end of May 2017.

Members voted at the 2017 AGM for us to continue our commitment to Fairtrade.

Since our last AGM we:

  • further strengthened our ingredient sourcing policy
  • started working towards sourcing not just all of the cocoa but all of the bananas, tea and coffee we use in Co-op branded products to benefit Fairtrade producers
  • aligned to Fairtrade’s own 4 core food commodity categories.
  • became the first retailer to stock 100% Fairtrade roses in all our bouquets when they’re sourced from Africa
  • remained the largest seller of Fairtrade wine in the world and we continue to lead the way - working with major brands to convert to Fairtrade
  • became the first and only retailer to sell Lebanon’s only Fairtrade wine
  • remained the UK’s largest convenience sellers of Fairtrade products.
  • significantly outperformed the market for Fairtrade (sales in 2016 were +18% compared to a national market growth of 8%)
  • saw sales increase by 14% compared to the national market of 7%
  • invested in additional project support, including a graduate nurse training in Kenya; clean water provision in Kenya, Malawi and Cote D'Ivoire, in partnership with The One Foundation and extending our support in the latter into the second year of the Women’s School of Leadership

Watch Brad explain how we've made a real difference to communities around the world thanks to Co-op Members voting at our AGM

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