Independent society members

  • Steve Allsopp

    Steve Allsopp

    Midcounties Co-op Society


    I began my life as Co-operator in the early 70s with four years as a shelf stacker and Saturday boy in my local store in Swindon where I continue to live in to my 70s.This led in turn, in the early 80s, into support for my local CDA and membership of the Coop Party leading from the mid-80s into Board membership of the OS&G where I served as a Vice President and President. I served on the Board of Midcounties from its formation until 2012 and was re-elected in November 2015. I have a keen interest in Co-operative Development.

  • John Dalley

    John Dalley (Senate member)

    Scotmid Co-operative Society


    An Independent Society representative on the Members’ Council from Scotmid, where I am Society Secretary and Chief Financial Officer, giving me a depth of practical experience applying Co-operative Values and Principles. A chartered accountant by training, most of my career has been in retail and consumer goods. Using my co-op experience and retail sector business knowledge my aspiration is to help the Council to positively challenge and support the Board in the delivery of long-term, sustainable success for The Co-operative Group. I am married with two children and live in East Lothian and shop in the local Co-op store.

  • Elaine Dean

    Elaine Dean

    Co-operative Press


    I’m a lifelong co-operator and have been an elected member at Central England Society and its forbears for over 35 years. Currently I am the Vice President. I represent the Co-operative Press where I’ve been a director since 2008 and Chair since 2013. I’ve previously been a Co-operative College governor, Vice Chair of Supporters Direct and a member of the Group’s former Values and Principles Committee representing all the independent societies. It is imperative for the national movement that the Co-operative Group regains lost ground and is successful for us all to move forward.

  • Laura Dunne

    Laura Dunne

    Lincolnshire Co-operative Society


    Alongside my role on the Council, my day job is working as the Head of Marketing & Membership for Lincolnshire Co-op, which is an independent Society based in the East Midlands. When I’m not at work, I can generally be found running around after my husband and two young children and planning my next holiday! I hope that during my elected term on the Member Council that we successfully relaunch our membership scheme, and our members to carry their card with pride knowing that they own a share in one of the best and well-loved businesses in the UK.

  • David Paterson

    David Paterson

    Scotmid Co-operative Society


    My Co-operative beliefs in values and principles are influenced from importantly our Members, following on to its affiliated organisations. As someone steeped in the V&Ps of our Movement, has experience and understanding of the interpretation of core financial information required, having the availability to attend the meetings, I am proud to serve as a member on the Co-operative Group Council, to expand my knowledge and experience in such an organisation is motivating, my experience as a regional and Board member of Scotmid, hopefully gives me the credentials required to serve the Group within its new democratic structure.

  • Steve Hughes

    Steve Hughes

    Lincolnshire Co-operative Society


    My co-operative story starts in the 1960’s when I used to run to the local store for my parents. Before retiring I worked for Lincolnshire Co-op for 30 years as a pharmacist branch manager and became a director in 2007. I believe that the way to a better society is through co-operation and education, when not “Co-operating” I spend a lot of my time as a governor at a local infant school.

  • Nick Matthews

    Nick Matthews (Senate member)

    Heart of England Co-operative Society


    I am the current Chair of Co-operatives UK and a Director of the Heart of England Co-operative Society. I teach in the Coventry University Business School, including on co-operatives. I have a B.A.(Hons) in Social Science, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Industrial Relations, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and an M.A. in Third World Studies and I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I am an Independent Society member of the Council and Senate of the Co-operative Group. A member of too many co-ops to list, a member of the Co-op College and the Co-op Party, I am reviews editor of the UK Journal for Co-operative Studies.

  • Edward Parker

    Edward Parker

    Midcounties Co-operative Society


    Biography not available.

  • Bev Perkins

    Bev Perkins (Senate member)

    East of England Co-operative Society

    West Mersea

    Like you, I care deeply about The Co-operative and first joined the Transitional Council to review Governance. I also represent members on the East of England Co-operative Society Board. My voluntary experience spans 25 years and includes creating a community food festival and promoting volunteering and grassroots co-operation. As a director in multinational business, I realised that my passion was sustainable food. In 2007, I took a Masters degree in Sustainability and now work as a consultant on this issue. On the Council and Senate I focus on balancing business performance with Values and Principles to best serve Members interests.

  • Jim Plumley

    Jim Plumley

    Channel Islands Co-operative Society

    St Mary

    I started working for the Birkenhead and District Co-operative Society in 1977 as a trainee manager, over the next 21 years I work my way up through the Society holding several senior roles. In 1998 I was offered a position at the Channel Islands Co-operative Society, and now hold the position of Chief Commercial Officer. Having now spent 39 years working with the co-operative movement, you could say I am a true “Co-operator”. I was honoured when I was accepted to sit on the Members’ Council, after spending so much of my working life within the movement.

  • Maria Lee

    Maria Lee

    Central England Co-operative Society


    Originally from London I have spent most of my life living in the Midlands. I have two daughters and a husband who is a past President of the Midlands co-operative Society. Most of my working life has been in Education, although most recently I worked for an international development charity. I have been involved with the co-operative movement all my life and in particular the Central England Co-operative. I have served as President for over two years and serve as an Independent Society Member on the Co-op Group Council. I enjoy reading, gentle walking and travel.

  • Jane Avery

    Central England Co-operative

    I have been a Member of my independent co-operative society since 1978 when it was the Derby and Burton Co-operative Society and my first job was as a Management Trainee. During the Induction week I heard a presentation from the Member Relations Officer and was hooked on the Co-op story: its history, radical business model and ethical values and principles resonated with me and I’ve spent most of the rest of my working life in the Co-op Movement.

  • Alison Chester-Lambert

    As a newbie, I am brimming with enthusiasm and a fresh view point. Having no ingrained opinion, I approach each new issue with the curiosity and reflection of an outsider and the questioning, critical eye of a master's degree graduate.

    My background is in hospitality catering at management level and I currently chair a ladies business network. The health of the consumer and the planet are always of concern to me.

  • Chris Matthews

    East of England Co-operative Society

    I started at the Co-op aged 13. I have been an employee within the Co-operative movement ever since and now manage a flagship Supermarket for East of England Co-op. In my spare time I am a Director of Co-operatives East and Ambassador for the Co-op Juniors Theatre Company, I am also a Volunteer NHS Community First Responder and regularly attend county shows, which I enjoy doing. I currently sit on the Board of East of England Co-op.

  • Amber Vincent-Prior

    Southern Co-operative

    Biography not available.