Rules of the Co-operative Group

These rules set out the way we're owned, organised and governed.

  • PDF Rules of the Co-operative Group (PDF, 87 pages, 857 KB)

Purchases Regulations

The Purchases Regulations, together with the Appendices, are the regulations approved by the Board and the Council of Co-operative Group Limited.

  • PDF Purchases Regulations

Directors' Expenses Policy

  • PDF Directors' Expenses Policy

Board Diversity and Inclusion Policy

  • PDF Board Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Matters Reserved for the Board

  • PDF Matters Reserved for the Board

Board Directors Role Profiles

  • PDF Board Directors Role Profiles

Risk and audit committee

Committee members:

  • Simon Burke (chair)
  • Paul Chandler
  • Lord Victor Adebowale
  • Sarah McCarthy-Fry
  • PDF Risk and Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Nominations committee

Committee members:

  • Allan Leighton (Chair)
  • Sir Christopher Kelly
  • Simon Burke
  • The President of the Council
  • Margaret Casely-Hayford
  • PDF Nominations Committee Terms of Reference

Remuneration committee

Committee members:

  • Stevie Spring (Chair)
  • Sir Christopher Kelly
  • Margaret Casely-Hayford
  • Rahul Powar
  • PDF Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference

Scrutiny committee

Terms of reference:

  • PDF Scrutiny Committee Terms of Reference

Non-executive directors' fees committee

Terms of reference:


  • PDF Group Subsidiaries List - as at 31 December 2022

Manx Co-operative Society Ltd

  • PDF Manx-Co-operative-Accounts-2022
  • PDF Manx-Co-operative-Accounts-2021
  • PDF Manx-Co-operative-Accounts-2020
  • PDF Manx-Co-operative-Accounts-2019
  • PDF Manx-Co-operative-Accounts-2018
  • PDF Manx-Co-operative-Accounts-2016