Rules, policies, subsidiaries

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Rules of the Co-operative Group

These rules set out the way we're owned, organised and governed.

Purchases Regulations

The Purchases Regulations, together with the Appendices, are the regulations approved by the Board and the Council of Co-operative Group Limited.

Directors' expenses policy

Board Diversity Policy

Risk and audit committee

Committee members:

  • Simon Burke (chair)
  • Paul Chandler
  • Lord Victor Adebowale
  • Sarah McCarthy-Fry

Nominations committee

Committee members:

  • Allan Leighton (Chair)
  • Sir Christopher Kelly
  • Simon Burke
  • The President of the Council
  • Margaret Casely-Hayford

Remuneration committee

Committee members:

  • Stevie Spring (Chair)
  • Sir Christopher Kelly
  • Margaret Casely-Hayford
  • Rahul Powar

Scrutiny committee

Terms of reference:

Non-executive directors' fees committee

Terms of reference:

For queries and information regarding The Co-operative Group businesses:

The Co-operative Group Customer Relations Freepost MR9473 Manchester M4 8BA

Phone: 0800 0686 727