A real dog’s dinner: Accidental pet poisoning increases by two fifths

18 December 2017

  • Pet poisoning has risen by 38% in the last three years with Cocker Spaniels most common victims
  • Average pet poisoning claim now stands at £508
  • Highest poisoning claim amounted to £5,264


Claims data from Co-op Insurance can today reveal that poisoning among dogs is on the rise, having seen a 38% increase in cases over the last three years.*

This year alone has already seen poisoning claims rise by almost a fifth (15%) compared to this time last year.**

Furthermore, the data reveals that the cost of these claims has increased by a sixth (15%) in the last three years, with today’s poisoning claim now averaging £508.

When it comes to which dog breeds are most susceptible to poisoning, Co-op Insurance found that Cocker Spaniels are most likely to consume something they shouldn’t, followed by Labradors, Cockapoos and Labrador Retrievers.

Smaller breeds such as Shih Tzus, Bichon Frise and Jack Russell Terriers were also among the top ten breeds that most commonly suffer from poisoning.

Dog breeds most likely to eat something they shouldn’t:
1. Cocker Spaniel
2. Labrador
3. Cockapoo
4. Labrador Retriever
5. Border Collie
6. Golden Retriever
7. Shih Tzu
8. Boxer
9. Bichon Frise
10. Jack Russell Terrier

David Hampson, Head of Pet Insurance at the Co-op commented:

“We wanted to share our findings to encourage pet owners to take extra caution at a time when there is lots of extra food around the house.

“We would advise people to keep alcohol, chocolate and other human foods well out of reach from pets as these can be extremely dangerous and in some cases, fatal.

“As well as generally keeping a close eye on your pets we would also advise keeping household plants, pesticides, cleaning products and antifreeze locked away, as these too can cause poisoning.”


Note to editors

*Based on Co-op Insurance claims data from 2014 – 2017

** Based on Co-op Insurance claims data from January- November 2016 to January – November 2017

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