Brits Are Kings In The Bedroom Says Co-op Beds

10 February 2018

Brits are becoming kings of the bedroom as more and more opt for a majestic-sized bed says the recently launched Co-op Beds.

New research from the on-line Co-op Beds shows that more than half of all married couples sleep on a queen (10%), king (35%) or super king sized bed (6%).

In an ideal world seven out of 10 consumers would choose to lay their heads on a bigger than the standard double, which is only slept on by just over 2 in 5 (44 per cent) of all spouses. Even those who sleep alone are looking for extra space with 65 per cent opting for more than a single bed.

The Co-op has been selling beds since 1904, and an archive catalogue from the early 60s shows that the mutual retailer offered five width sizes from 2’6”. The largest bed on offer then became the standard 4’6” double bed of today and typically cost £29.7s.6d, the equivalent of about £650 in today’s money, which would buy you a king size bed.

Aberdeen (45 per cent) tops the list of cities where the most couples own king sized beds, closely followed by York, Manchester and Glasgow (all 36 per cent), with Norwich bottom with just 12 per cent.

Percentages of people who own a king size bed by city

Town/City %
Aberdeen 45
Glasgow 36
Manchester 36
York 36
Cardiff 34
Sheffield 33
Edinburgh 33
Southhampton 33
Leeds 32
Bristol 32
Nottingham 30
Coventry 29
Oxford 27
Birmingham 26
Belfast 26
London 25
Newcastle 24
Liverpool 21
Norwich 12

James Holland, Managing Director of Co-op Beds said: “As new beds and mattresses become increasingly affordable, we are seeing a rising number of couples choosing larger beds. The king size is becoming the norm, and even the number of super king size is on the increase.

“This is perhaps understandable given that the National Bed Federation estimates that the average double bed gives each partner just over two foot of space, which is roughly the same as a baby has in a cot.”

Co-op members enjoy a five per cent discount off all beds, headboards and mattresses, which takes the price of the ‘Which Best Buy’ Silentnight Eco Comfort Pocket 1200 Divan Bed down to £483, including free delivery.



Notes to Editors: Co-op Beds is a partnership with the UK’s leading bed brand Silentnight, selling beds, headboards and mattresses at competitive prices. Using Silentnight’s existing distribution network, Co-op Beds offers shoppers free delivery on orders, a 14-day cancellation policy and a five-year guarantee. For more information visit:

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