20 June 2022

From toilet paper to toothpaste, Co-op and Deliveroo have partnered to create a ‘festival essentials hub’ to make it easier for festival-goers to shop online and prepare for their perfect festival experience.

The new ‘festival essentials hub’ brings together the most popular grocery items – chosen by UK festival-goers – into one place to make it easier and more convenient to order via Co-op on Deliveroo before setting out for the festival.

Last minute shoppers about to head off to their festival are able to have items delivered to their home in as little as 20 minutes and, Co-op is the most widely available supermarket on the Deliveroo app with more than 1,000 stores in communities in towns, villages and cities across the UK.

Deliveroo’s study of 1,000 UK festival revellers revealed that nine in ten (90%) had resorted to asking to borrow essential items from a stranger at a festival, with toilet paper (24%) being the most common request, followed by suncream (24%) and painkillers (22%). Others asked to 'borrow' chewing gum (13%), tea or coffee (10%) and, even a Pot Noodle (6%).

Despite more than two-thirds (67%) of festival goers writing a list of what to pack, the most forgotten essential items to pack before they leave for the music fields were: toilet paper (26.4%), water (24.6%), deodorant (19%) and wipes (17.9%).

It also emerged that residents of Yorkshire were the most likely to forget to pack essential items (89%), closely followed by those from the North- East, Northern Ireland and London.

To help festival-goers to enjoy the ultimate festival experience when they do arrive, and to help with any forgotten items, Co-op has pop-up stores at nine festivals across the UK this Summer with each store providing essentials to enable attendees to also simply ‘rock-up and stock-up’.

Aisha Jefferson, head of consumer communications at Deliveroo, said: "The findings inspired Deliveroo and Co-op to team up and create a Co-op ‘festival essentials hub’ in the Deliveroo app, making it easier for people to tick off the to-do-list and leave more time to get excited for a long-awaited festival.”

Chris Conway, Co-op eCommerce Director, said: “Our aim is to help festival goers to make the most of their experience, conveniently - whether through online home deliveries for those who want to stock up in advance, or through our pop-up shops which will be at nine festivals across the summer and, means that people can simply ‘rock up and stock up’ when they get there.”

These top essentials, from toiletries, snacks and drinks, were voted for by UK festival goers as items most needed when attending a festival.

Top 10 ‘Most Essential Items’ Most Needed at Festival:
1. Toilet Paper (26.4%)
2. Water (24.6%)
3. Deodorant (19%)
4. Wipes (17.9%)
5. Suncream (15%)
6. Toothpaste (12.5%)
7. Painkillers (11.9%)
8. Wines and Spirits
9. Tinnies (9.6%)
10. Snacks (such as biscuits, chocolate, sweets and gum) (9.4%)

Top 10 'Food Essentials' to Eat and Drink at a Festival*:
1. Water (48.6%)
2. Crisps (47.9%)
3. Chocolate (36.9%)
4. Biscuits (35.9%)
5. Fizzy drinks (35%)
6. Sandwiches, wraps and rolls (35%)
7. Tinnies (such as beer or cider) (28.1%)
8. Cereal bars (28%)
9. Sports & Energy Drinks (26.9%)
10. Sausage Rolls (26.7%)

Customers can order all of the essentials on Deliveroo today and place orders directly through the Deliveroo app or online.

Further information:
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Co-op Press Office
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