Co-op App reveals digital future of convenience retailing

23 September 2019

The Co-op today (23 September) revealed the future of convenience retailing when it launched an app that will for the first time enable its members digital access to a range of offers and services.

The new Co-op App gives the Co-op’s 4.6 million members the ability to download weekly personalised offers that will save them money, as well as tracking their member reward balance. Members can choose two offers every week and use them on top of any in-store promotions.

This is the latest digital innovation from the Co-op which has already this year introduced an online convenience proposition using e-bikes and delivery robots and a pay in the aisle trial which enables shoppers to purchase goods without going to the checkout.

Ali Jones, Customer Director at the Co-op said: “Our new app brings the best of Co-op together digitally for the very first time.

"Members will save money on products they buy or might like to try and have the convenience of being able to choose offers before coming into store, tracking their member reward balance and of going paper free, removing the need to hold onto and remember paper coupons.

“The app puts more money in our members’ hands helping them save money on the things they want to buy, but this is just the start.

“We are planning to develop the app over the next few months, folding in other digital elements such as choosing your local cause, and accessing recipes.

“Ultimately this isn’t just about an app, it’s a digital front door that offers what modern consumers expect from convenience. That is why we are building a seamless customer experience that draws all the elements of Co-op together in an integrated way, and gets closer to where our customers are – right in the palm of their hand.”

Tim Sleap, Director of Data & Insights said: “This new app has only been possible due to the massive steps forward the Co-op has made in our data science capabilities. This means that through the data that our members trust us with, we can make their experience of the Co-op more tailored and deliver greater, more personalised, value back to them.”

Available to download from Google Play and the Apple App Store from Monday 23rd September