Co-op Legal Services responds to criticism of Lasting Power of Attorneys

15 August 2017

Responding to comments made by retired Judge, Denzil Lush, on Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) abuse, James Antoniou, Head of Wills & LPAs at Co-op Legal Services says:

“There are very good reasons to put LPAs in place, one of the main ones being that it makes managing someone’s affairs considerably easier than having to use the Deputyship process. Mr Lush’s comments do however serve as a reminder of the serious implications of putting a LPA in place. Choosing an individual to make decisions about your finances and your health when you are most vulnerable is an important consideration which should not be undertaken lightly.

“While for the majority of people, putting in place a LPA can offer peace of mind that their affairs can be dealt with by a trusted loved one when the time comes, sadly there are cases of abuse. However, there are things people can do to reduce the risk of a LPA being misused, for example ensuring that they take legal advice when the LPA is prepared to understand the options available, the responsibilities placed on the attorney and the impact that certain decisions could have.”

According to Co-op research:
• 84% of UK adults don’t have an LPA in place
• Of those who do have an LPA, 45% chose their son or daughter as an attorney*

Notes to editors

*Research conducted on behalf of Co-op by Atomik among 2,000 UK adults in 2017

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