Co-op reveals 9 million cats and dogs are not insured

18 March 2015

  • Over half of UK cats and dogs are not insured
  • £6billion to be paid by cat and dog owners without insurance
  • Dogs are more likely to be insured than cats

New research released by The Co-operative Insurance, highlights that whilst 17million* UK households have cats and dogs, over half (53%)** of them are not insured, meaning that owners could face unexpected, costly fees if anything were to happen to their pets.
With the average claim for a dog being £813 and for a cat being £507, the findings reveal that if UK pet owners without insurance were having to pay for their furry companions to receive treatment, the bill would total a staggering £6billion across the UK.
The research findings also reveal that a dog truly is a man’s best friend, with pet owners being more likely to insure their dogs than their cats, as over half (55%) of dogs are insured versus only one third (38%) of cats., the UK's largest dog adoption site, however have confirmed that one third of the dogs given up for adoption is due to health problems.
Andrew Nevitt, Head of Pet Insurance for the Co-operative Insurance said:

“Pets are increasingly being seen as part of the family and to avoid any additional stress and for peace of mind, it really is worth looking into pet insurance.
“With the average cost of a claim for a dog being £813, and for a cat being £507 it is important that pet owners consider how they would cover the costs of any unexpected and unforeseen circumstances that may arise.”

Ryan O'Meara, co-founder of

“The sad fact is, dogs do get ill and they do get injured. We all want the best for our dogs, but treatment can be expensive and if owners don’t have the financial resources to cover the costs, they can, and sadly in some cases do, find themselves considering if they can afford to keep their beloved pet.
“This is why I believe that every single dog owner should factor in pet insurance as an essential purchase when budgeting for a dog.”


Co-operative Insurance Top 5 most common claims for dogs:

  1. Lameness
  2. Tumours
  3. Gastro-enteritis
  4. Inflammation of ear canal
  5. Vomiting

Co-operative Insurance Top 5 most common claims for cats:

  1. Road traffic accidents
  2. Cat fights
  3. Abscess
  4. Cat bite abscess
  5. Cystitus and bladder infections 

Pet insurance not only covers for unexpected vet bills, following an accident or an ongoing medical condition, but also for a range of other events, including the disappearance of a pet, cancellation of a holiday resulting in a pet coming out of care and unexpected vet fees whilst travelling.

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Notes to Editors:

**Research carried out by onepoll on behalf of The Co-operative Insurance with a geographically representative sample of over 2,000 UK adults, who own dogs and / or cats

About the Co-operative Insurance:

The Co-operative Insurance offers a range of pet insurance policies for cats and dogs, and giving pet owners the flexibility to choose the right level of cover for their pets.  There’s also the option for a multi-pet discount for additional pets in the family.

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