Co-op supports calls for minimum standards for public health funerals

08 January 2020

Statement from David Collingwood, Director of Funerals, Co-op Funeralcare

We support Royal London in calling for minimum standards for public health funerals. No matter what financial or family circumstances someone faced during their life, every individual deserves dignity and the right to a respectful send off when they die.

Where a need is identified for a public health funeral, either due to the absence of any family to make arrangements or the availability of funds, this shouldn’t be at the cost of consistent standards of care.

In particular, we’d urge the introduction of a minimum standard of coffin, gown, and for every public health funeral to be led by an officiant or celebrant. If someone does come forward to either attend the funeral or to claim the ashes, then this should absolutely be provided for as part of a consistent standard of care.