Co-op Volunteers “Sweep” into action in Ashton

17 November 2017

Volunteers from the Co-op “swept” into Ashton this week to help Canon Burrows Primary School with its work to maintain the Taunton Brook Nature Reserve.

Nine volunteers from the community retailer’s Delicious Food Team, swapped the office for the great outdoors to clear weeds and fallen leaves and, repair sections of pathway eroded by the stream.

The area is used by pupils for all areas of the curriculum from cross country running to science and environmental studies, it is also popular among members of the public.

Andy Clark, Environmental Co-ordinator at Canon Burrows Primary School, said:

“We have a great relationship with the Co-op whose colleagues have been volunteering locally for many years. It’s a beautiful area, very popular among pupils and the general public. We have groups of children visiting the site each week to carry out tasks as part of our activities to enrich the curriculum and bring learning outside the classroom to life - the support of the Co-op has enabled us to carry out much more together than we could ever have done alone.”

Phil Penny, Lead Technical Manager from the Co-op’s Delicious Food Team – and a former pupil at the school over 30 years ago – helped to organise the day and said:

“It was a great day, hard work but rewarding. As a community retailer the Co-op is committed to making a positive difference to local life – it is a great experience to work together to improve the local environment for the benefit of everyone.”

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