Home claims increase by a third as clocks go back

23 October 2017

• 36% increase in home thefts when the clocks go back
• Fridays are the most popular day for break-ins whilst Sundays are the least popular
• CCTV camera and sound of a barking dog are biggest deterrents according to ex-cons

Ahead of the clocks going back this Sunday (29th Oct), Co-op Insurance is warning homeowners to remain vigilant.

After analysing thousands of claims, Co-op Insurance can reveal that the number of claims relating to home thefts increase by over a third (36%) in the five months after the clocks go back.

Furthermore, over two thirds (69%) of these break-ins are categorised as being ‘forcible and violent entry’ thefts, which is almost a tenth (9.5%) higher than in the summer months, during which, over a quarter of break-ins (27%) are regarded as opportunistic.

Co-op’s claims data also reveals that for the five month period after the clocks go back, Friday is the most popular day for home break-ins, whilst Sunday is the least popular.

In light of this claims data, Co-op Insurance has surveyed a panel of ex-convicts to understand what they would have seen as a key deterrent for home break-ins.

CCTV, the sound of a barking dog and strong heavy doors are the top three deterrents for home thieves, according to ex-convicts.

Top 10 deterrents for home thieves

No. Deterrents
1 CCTV camera
2 Sound of a barking dog
3 Strong heavy doors
4 TV which is turned on
5 Locked Upvc windows
6 Cars parked on driveway
7 Overlooked property
8 Surrounding fences
9 Gates outside of the property
10 Motion activated security lights

Caroline Hunter, Head of Home Insurance at the Co-op said: “Being burgled can be an extremely upsetting and traumatic experience. Unfortunately, when the clocks go back, darker nights do lead to more burglaries and so we’re urging people to be vigilant and think carefully about the safety of their properties.

“We spoke to a number of ex-convicts to understand first-hand how homeowners can keep their properties safe. Installing CCTV cameras, or at least dummy ones is a key deterrent called out by ex-convicts and something we’d encourage homeowners to consider.”

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Note to editors * Claims data analysed from 2014, comparison between 5 months preceding the start of daylight savings time and 5 months after.

** Survey of 12 ex-convicts was conducted by Unlock on behalf of Co-op Insurance.

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