Impact of Storm Doris: Update from Co-op Insurance

24 February 2017

  • Insurer has received many hundreds of additional calls and is helping customers affected by Storm Doris
  • The Midlands saw the highest amount of claims (39%) followed by the North West (23%)
  • Tripled number of colleagues currently answering customer calls
  • Any affected Co-op customers urged to call 0345 999 8888 to register any claims
  • Early indication shows majority of claims relate to slipped tiles and property and vehicle damage due to falling trees and branches

With the impacts of Storm Doris being seen across the UK yesterday, by the end of today, Co-op insurance will have received more storm claims in 24 hours than it’s seen in the whole of 2017. The Midlands was the worst hit, seeing two fifths (39%) of claims, followed by the North West (23%) and London (16%).

Jonathan Guy, Head of Claims at Co-op Insurance, said:

“Our priority is to ensure that our customers are safe and secure, as quickly as possible. The number of claims we have received due to the arrival of Storm Doris are in their hundreds, with early indication showing that these claims are mostly low in severity with slipped tiles, and property and vehicle damage due to falling trees and branches.”

“To ensure we answer our customer calls as quickly as possible, we have tripled the amount of colleagues answering customer claims calls, with many colleagues working long into the evening, and we will continue to assist any customers affected by the impact of these weather conditions, treating all storm claims as a priority. This morning remains very busy as customers continue to register their claims.”

Jonathan continued.

“If you do have any neighbours who may need support, check to see if they need your help. If your property has been damaged by the bad weather, contact your insurer as soon as possible so that they can assess the level of damage and make the necessary arrangements to deal with your claim.”

If your property has been damaged by Storm Doris, Co-op Insurance offers the following steps to make a claim:

  • In the first instance, look to secure your property, but don’t tackle anything that appears to be dangerous, such as going on the roof to check tiles. We advise calling an expert out to assess the damage before putting yourself at risk.
  • Secondly contact your insurer’s helpline, as they will be able to offer advice and guidance on how to get the damages to your property repaired quickly. Damage to the building will be covered by your home insurance provider, whilst damage to your possessions will be covered by your contents provider. Some policies will cover both, so check to see.
  • Provide your insurer with an accurate report of what’s been damaged and when it took place
  • Be sure to send your insurer any receipts or photos you have for items that are damaged, as this will help them evaluate the extent of the damage
  • Finally, keep hold of any damaged items until your insurer has seen them, or has confirmed that they don’t need to see them, as they may be repairable

Any Co-op Insurance customers affected who need to claim can call Co-op Insurance on our 24 hour claims line: 0345 999 8888.

Notes to editors:

Based on Co-op claims data 23-24th February 2017

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