Make healthier choices with The Co-operative

02 January 2009

The Co-operative Group, the UK’s largest convenience store retailer, is launching a major campaign to encourage people to eat more healthily throughout 2009.

The community retailer is also making a “Big 5” commitment to provide substantial savings on at least five fresh fruit and veg. products every month to further encourage customers to eat their “five a day”. 

The “Big 5” for January are all half price: loose white grapes per kg, now £2.19, was £4.38 ; oranges 5’s, now £1, was £2; plums 500g, now £1, was £2; and Cox’s apples 1kg, now £1, was £2 and mandarins 750g, now £1, was £2*.

The Make Healthier Choices campaign will be backed by TV advertising featuring strong money-saving deals on healthier products** and supported by major activity throughout the Group’s 2,250 stores across the UK.

To make it easier for customers to make healthier choices, The Co-operative is also extending its unique “green dot” scheme to a wider range of products, using green dots on pack to highlight healthier products and key nutritional messages.  This is in addition to the traffic light information on fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt.

As well as major price cuts on many of these “green dot” products, Co-operative members will also receive double membership points when they buy any “green dot” product in January ***.

January offers include:

The Co-operative Healthy Living Elmwood Chicken Breast Fillets 540g
Half price – now £3.75, was £7.50. with “less than  3% fat”

The Co-operative Healthy Living Beef Lasagne/Chilli and Rice 400g
Half price – now £1.14 each, was £2.29, both with “less than 3% fat”

The Co-operative 2 Scottish Skinless Salmon Fillets 240g
Save £1 – now £2.99 per pack, was £3.99, “rich in Omega 3”

The Co-operative Reduced Fat 8 British Pork Sausages 400g
Now 2 for £3.50, was £2.19 per pack, with “50% less fat” than standard product

A selection of products from The Co-operative’s exciting Food to Go range are also included, such as wholesome Healthy Living Quick Porridge made with Scottish rolled oats and a splash of apple juice 100g with “less than 2% fat”, and a Reduced Fat Chocolate Muffin Dessert 100g with “80% less fat” than standard product, both reduced from 99p to only 79p.

The Co-operative, which has led the way on nutritional labelling, is also backing Government campaigns to tackle obesity, including the Department of Health’s Change4Life programme and the Take Life On campaign in Scotland.           

Debbie Robinson, Director of Food Retail Marketing, at The Co-operative Group, said: “As the largest convenience retailer with stores in the heart of the communities in which we trade, we are determined to play our part in tackling obesity by helping our customers to make healthier and more informed choices for themselves and their families.”

She added: “Our ‘Big 5’ commitment and strong promotional package on healthier products throughout the year will make it easier for customers on a tight budget to achieve this.”
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Notes to Editors:

*   All price reductions run from Friday 2 January to Sunday 25 January, 2009, inclusive. 

**  The TV advertising campaign will feature:

The Co-operative Healthy Living Elmwood Chicken Breast Fillets 540g
Half price – now £3.75, was £7.50

The Co-operative Healthy Living Jalfrezi Sauce 450g
Half price – now 54p, was £1.09

The Co-operative Healthy Living Plain Naan Bread 2 pack
Half price – now 57p, was £1.05

All three products carry a “less than 3% fat” green dot.
*** Double membership points on “green dot” products runs all January.  Unlike many large organisations, The Co-operative Group is owned by its consumer members and seeks to return a share of its profits to the people who trade with it.  Becoming a member of costs just £1 and, by presenting their membership card every time they shop, members earn points that are converted into a share of the profits, paid out in cash twice a year.