Plymouth & South West Co-operative Society merges with The Co-operative Group

07 September 2009

PSW has 168,000 members, 66 food stores, 11 post offices, three petrol stations and 30 funeral homes in Devon and East Cornwall and join the Group from a position of strength.

This merger is further testament to the on-going success of The Co-operative Group and is another significant step forward in creating a strong national co-operative business. Together we will develop an even stronger presence in the South West.

Peter Marks
Group Chief Executive

Questions and answers

What has happened to the Dividendplus scheme?

The scheme ends on 5 September and is replaced by the new membership scheme. Whatever value was held on the card will be sent to members in the form of vouchers by the end of September.

New membership cards are being sent out to members before 6 September for them to use in our stores after the merger. This card replaces the Dividendplus card.

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Can I still use my Plymouth & South West share account?

Members of Plymouth & South West Co-operative can still pay in to and take money out of their share accounts in the usual way.

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How do I withdraw or check my share account balance?

You should have received a share withdrawal form in your welcome pack fill this out & send it with your latest share statement to:

Plymouth and South West Co-operative Ltd, Share Department, 3rd Floor, 88 Royal Parade, Plymouth PLI 1HA.

If you wish to check you share account balance you should write to this address and quote your share account number.

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When will I get my first payment after using the new card?

Your first share of profit payment will be June 2010 for any trade with The Co-operative Group between September 6 and the end of December 2009.

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Why is the membership card changing?

Plymouth & South West Co-operative Society members voted in favour of merging with The Co-operative Group earlier this year. As part of the merger it was agreed that we adopt the Group’s membership scheme in our stores.

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