Report shows green investment bank could create 6,500 jobs in community renewables

16 May 2011

Around 6,500 jobs would be created in the small scale renewable energy sector if Green Investment Bank (GIB) gives the appropriate financial backing, according to a new report by The Co-operative Bank and accountancy firm, Grant Thornton UK LLP.

The report, outlined in a letter sent to Business Secretary Vince Cable, today (16 May) demonstrates the economic return on investment that GIB could generate in the period where larger projects remain in planning and development stages. It urges for £200m to be brought forward from GIB’s initial £3bn budget for small-scale renewable schemes instead of concentrating solely on large energy and infrastructure developments.

The report explains that small scale projects tend to have greater impact on UK companies and create relatively more jobs in the UK and help deliver significant growth.

By supporting projects of between 250kw and 5mw in size the GIB could also generate:

  • £273.5m annual economic activity
  • £56m additional tax revenue per annum
  • Leverage £908m of private investment for renewable energy
  • 2,940GWh of renewable power per annum
  • Generate a return on its investment in order to create a sustainable fund for further investment in green projects  

The report concludes that GIB would achieve financial returns and carbon reductions from the sector almost immediately compared to more complex, larger nuclear and off-shore wind projects which have long planning and construction periods.

Nuclear power stations and off-shore turbines also require highly specialised skills that often need to be imported with much of the construction work normally going to very large, often international construction companies. Small-scale renewable energy projects however tend to use regional suppliers and boosts the economic prospects of communities at a local level.

Neville Richardson, Chief Executive at the Bank’s parent company Co-operative Financial Services, said: “We’re concerned that an opportunity to create jobs and boost economies at a local level will be missed if GIB focuses solely on financing large-scale projects such as offshore wind and nuclear. We acknowledge the role of the large scale projects but these will take time. 

“There are a significant number of currently available projects that can generate returns for the tax payer even before these larger schemes begin. We need to get on with the delivery and not wait any longer.”

The Co-operative

Large numbers of small-scale projects are undeveloped primarily due to problems accessing capital. Recent analysis* found that an estimated 80 small scale, community based projects could be up and running quickly but are undeveloped due to a lack of capital.

The Bank and Grant Thornton see mezzanine finance provided by the initial GIB investment as a means to leverage significant support from the private sector for small-scale and community schemes.

Scott Barnes, CEO of Grant Thornton UK LLP said: “Without GIB helping to plug this market gap, the potential of small-scale projects will remain unrealised and we will miss out on local growth, private investment and employment creation.

“We must not lose sight of these important local initiatives amongst all the talk of large scale multi billion pound structural changes. Projects at small and community scale deliver other benefits; they can generate higher levels of local acceptance and support and profits can be re-invested to fund local initiatives.

Richardson continued: “As part of the Co-operative Group’s radical new Ethical Operating PlanCo-operative Enterprise Hub

The Co-operative Bank specialises in small to medium projects with a capital value of up to £25m.  In 2007, it ring-fenced £400m specifically to fund the sector and recently extended its intention to lend £1bn to the sector by 2013 as part of the Co-operative Group’s Ethical Operating Plan.

It has since built considerable expertise in supporting development of renewable technologies such as onshore wind, hydro, biomass and combined heat & power systems.


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*Analysis by Energy4All, a social enterprise that supports community renewables, found that an estimated 80 small scale community based projects remain undeveloped primarily due to problems accessing capital.


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