Snow Down – Co-op’s Nick Ansley shares top tips for drivers

26 February 2018

Co-op Insurance’s Head of Motor, Nick Ansley’s top tips:

  1. Firstly, make sure that your car is roadworthy before setting off. Check there’s no snow on your car, check tyres, windscreen wipers and make sure you have enough petrol, oil and water, particularly ahead of long journeys

  2. It’s really important to remember that speed limit signs mean maximum speed– if there’s ice on the roads, you really need to take extra care and consider your speed

  3. Low winter sunlight can impair vision, so take your time at junctions to ensure that you have made a full assessment of the traffic conditions before pulling out

  4. Ensure you have a bottle of water, some snacks and a blanket with you in case you breakdown in a remote location

  5. Leave extra room between your car and the car in front as if you need to slow down, it will take longer for your car to do so

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