Statement from Co-op in response to the MOJ announcement on the Children’s Funeral Fund

30 June 2019

David Collingwood, Director of Funerals at the Co-op commented:

“As the largest funeral director, we’ve led the way in offering free funerals for children across the UK for over thirty years. This has helped over 25,000 families at the most devastating time of their lives.

“This new fund is a positive step in helping more parents across England gain access to some financial support. However unlike the Co-op, not all funeral directors waive all of their charges for children’s funerals, and so whilst this fund will allow a capped fee towards a coffin, there are other costs to cover. These include vehicles, transfers and arrangements, which we feel should be included within the cap, to avoid any confusion.”

Media contact:

Emily Penkett: / 07738621201

About the Co-op’s free child funerals policy

Co-op’s child funeral policy provides free funeral director services to Parents, Grand Parents and Legal Guardians with Parental Responsibility of any child up to the age of 18 (0-17 years).

This includes necessary provision of funeral colleagues, transportation and collection, a hearse and limousine as appropriate, optional embalming, a greater range of coffin choice, option to use a Co-op Funeralcare chapel for the service where available and no charge for weekend funerals.

The policy does not cover associated funeral costs set by third parties and local authorities, such as burial and cremation fees, clergy costs, and doctor certification fee (England and Wales).