The Co-operative backs fund to help riot-hit businesses

26 August 2011

The Co-operative GroupHigh Street Fund, set up to support small businesses affected by the urban riots of August 2011.

The Fund has been established to provide emergency financial help to small businesses in England that suffered material disruption, damage or destruction in the riots.

Peter Marks, Group Chief Executive, said: “Small businesses are vital to the social and economic fabric of this country. In the current economic climate, the impact of such destructive, criminal activity has been devastating to these businesses, which in turn affects the communities in which they operate.

“It is therefore only right that The Co-operative Group throws its weight behind efforts to help small businesses through this difficult time and make sure that they are able to continue to play their vital role in our communities.”

As businesses get back on their feet, The High Street Fund will help guide them to other sources of help, including Government, local authority and insurance schemes.