The Co-operative Group members share record £50 million dividend

17 June 2010

Members of Co-operative Group

The Co-operative

Members receive a cash payment based on the points they earn when they trade at any of the Group’s businesses, which include: The Co-operative Food; Travel; Pharmacy and Funeralcare as well as The Co-operative Bank and The Co-operative Insurance.

Based on the Group’s profits of £402m

More than one million of the members, who will be receiving a payment in the next few days, have elected to give at least the odd pence of their payment to community groups whilst others have chosen to forego their entire share of profit dividend. This means more than £1.6m will go directly to charity groups working with local communities.

Patrick Allen, Director of Marketing at The Co-operative Group, said: “It is only right that our members, who ultimately own and control the business, share in our success.

“Last year was particularly successful for us. The trading Group acquired SomerfieldCFS merged with Britannialaunched the new The Co-operative brand

“As a member the points quickly add up. Someone spending £20 a week in our food stores takes a £1,500 holiday with our travel business and buys a funeral plan would earn £85.80 in the course of a year.”

Additional Information

At the end of 2009 the Co-operative Group had 5.1million members.

Each year the value of a membership

Share of profits payment are paid to members every six months, usually in mid June and late November. The payment in late November is an interim payment.

The following table show how points are awarded across the Co-operative Group’s family of businesses in 2010.

Business/service           Number of points awarded
Food, Pharmacy*, Funeral and Online Stores
1 point for every £1 spent
Travel and Legal Services (Wills) 1 point for every £2 spent
Legal Services – conveyancing
250 points
Pharmacy - Prescription Collection Service / Prescription Collection and Delivery Service

250 points

Motor dealerships

1 point for every £5 spent

Petrol stations - fuel

1 point for every £10 spent

Funeralcare - funeral planning

2,500 points for a funeral plan not applicable to any other product or service

Co-operative Bank or smile credit card

1 point for every £10 borrowed

Co-operative Bank or smile current or credit card accounts

1 point for every £10 held or borrowed each month

Co-operative Bank or smile

1 point for every £10 outstanding on loan

Co-operative Bank, smile or Britannia savings

1 point for every £20 held on average during the year

Co-operative Bank or Britannia mortgage

1 point for every £40 outstanding on mortgage

Co-operative Bank flexible loan

1 point for every £10 borrowed on average

Co-operative Insurance home or motor policy

250 points for holding a policy (125 points for 6 months)

* Excludes prescriptions

Full details of how points are earned are listed on our website:‑