The Co-operative Group publishes national advert to affirm Bank’s ethical stand

04 November 2013

The Co-operative Group

The advert is a joint statement from Group Chief Executive Euan Sutherland and Bank Chief Executive Niall Booker, and explicitly states the Bank’s commitment to remaining a leading ethical organisation. The advert can be viewed via the link at the bottom of this message.

The content of the adverts reaffirms our commitment to remaining the UK’s leading ethical bank, making a clear statement on our plans to enshrine ethics into our constitution; the Articles of Association that legally govern the Bank.

We know we haven’t always got it right in the past; however we want to make this commitment today to demonstrate to customers that our values remain core to the way the Bank operates. Never before have our ethics been so fundamental to our Bank.

We also want to do more, and in Spring next year we will be launching a customer vote, giving every retail and business customer an opportunity to register their support for what our ethical policy commits us to. This will be done via postal and online questionnaires and we will be able to share more details of this in the New Year.

We appreciate that this year has been unsettling for colleagues and bank customers, and we recognise our values as an organisation have at times been called into to question. This definitive statement across the national press today is our way of showing customers that we remain committed to delivering banking services in an ethical way.

Link to Ethical Advert (PDF 2 MB)