The Co-operative reports 34 per cent rise in ‘gold’ Funeral Plan sales

15 March 2012

The Co-operative Funeralcarepre-paid funeral plans, saw a 34 per cent increase in sales of its ‘Gold’ plan, which sits at the top of its range of set funeral plans, in 2011.

The increase shows that although day-to-day household budgets may be tight, people are not cutting back when planning for their final send-off.

In addition, sales of personalised, tailor-made plans increased by 16 per cent, reflecting the continuing trend of people wishing to arrange a more personalised funeral or end of life celebration.

These sharp increases in pre-paid funeral plan sales reflect the value for money offered by pre-paid plans. With funeral costs consistently rising faster than inflation and sustained low interest rates affecting other types of savings and investments traditionally relied on to cover funeral expenses, pre-paid funeral plans provide an attractive option.

With a tailor-made plan you can discuss every aspect of the funeral arrangements in as much detail as you like. The Co-operative Funeralcare’s plans allow for personal touches to be added, these can include things like specific flowers, music or even ‘no black’ to be worn. The Co-operativepre-paid funeral plans in 2011 by launching a joint tailor-made plan and a masonry plan to its list.

A key benefit of funeral plans from The Co-operative Funeralcare is that they are all guaranteed to cover the costs of the agreed funeral arrangements – including the costs of third party charges (disbursements), such as the doctor’s fee or crematoria fees - with nothing further to pay. This means you’re guaranteed to avoid future funeral price inflation.

The Co-operative Funeralcare offers a broad range of pre-paid options with its set funeral plan range starting at £2,850 for a Bronze plan*. The benefit of its pre-paid set funeral plans is that they are very simple to organise. The Co-operative Funeralcare also provides a number of ways to cover the cost – including 12 months interest free and fixed monthly payments, available to those over 50, from just £22.26 a month*.Ian Mackie, Sales and Marketing Director of Funeral Planning for The Co-operative Group, said: “The growth in sales of ‘Gold’ funeral plans and tailor-made plans shows that many are bucking the challenging economic climate when planning for their funeral. Although some find it a difficult investment to make, many customers find it much easier if they think of their funeral plan as a way of celebrating their life or by planning it alongside their will.”

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The Co-operative movement conducts 1 in 4 funerals in the UK, has over 70 years experience in the funeral market and operates to The Co-operative core values of openness, trust and honesty.

The Co-operative movement owns and operates a total of 1,100 funeral homes across the UK with coverage of 93 per cent of postcode districts.  And for set funeral plan holders, no matter where they move to in the UK, their funeral plan can be used at any of its funeral homes without any further costs.

The Co-operative is a member of the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).  Ian Mackie, Sales and Marketing Director of Funeral Planning for The Co-operative Group, is one of the directors of the FPA.

Fully Guaranteed

All funeral plans provided by The Co-operative Funeralcare are fully guaranteed. This means no further payments are required when it comes to the actual arranging of the funeral regardless of how much prices have increased – all items detailed in the plan are fully covered.

Pre-paid funeral plans from The Co-operative Funeralcare also cover the full costs of all disbursements (such as the crematoria fee, doctor’s fees etc). There is not a part “contribution” to the disbursements, everything is covered and no further payment is required at the time of need.


Price and ways to pay

*The prices quoted are correct at the time of print.

The Co-operative Funeralcare provides a number of ways for customers to pay for their funeral plan so that they can spread the cost according to their budget.

Payment can be in full at the time of purchase and also by instalments – over 12 months at no charge, and over 24, 36 (and 60 months for a tailor-made plan) where an instalment charge applies.

For many the fixed monthly payment option enables the customer to make smaller payments each month, and is available to anyone aged 50-80 with no health checks necessary.  Monthly payments are calculated according to age and gender.  For a woman aged 50 taking out a Bronze funeral plan the cost is currently just £22.26, a month. To ensure ongoing cover, payments are made for life or until the plan anniversary before the holder’s 80th birthday*.

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