The Co-operative to launch its first pay-as-you-go SIM card

11 February 2014

The Co-operative Group

The Co-operative Mobile PAYG SIM card will offer highly competitive rates, transparent pricing and extensive UK coverage, which will be announced at the time of launch.

The service, which will be provided by The Phone Co-op - the only co-operative telecommunications supplier in the UK - will be the first co-operative pre-pay mobile package in the market.

Steve Murrells, Chief Executive Retail, The Co-operative Group, said: “We are delighted to be working with The Phone Co-op to offer one of the most transparent and competitive packages, which will challenge the industry with a more equitable charging structure.

“This exciting partnership with The Phone Co-op will utilise the strengths of both businesses to provide a mobile pay-as-you-go SIM card package that represents great value for Co-operative customers.”

The Co-operative Mobile PAYG SIM card is a collaborative venture between a number of British co-operatives, including The Phone Co-op, which has provided telecommunications services in the UK for 15 years.

Vivian Woodell, Chief Executive of The Phone Co-op, added: “We are really pleased to be working with The Co-operative Group on this new venture. Launching the first co-operative pre-pay SIM card is an important milestone for us.

“Telecoms products and pricing can be very confusing and this can undermine consumers’ trust. We want to tackle this head on. The Phone Co-op is owned by its customers and puts them first. Our high ethical standards are reflected in the way we operate.”

The Co-operative Mobile PAYG SIM card will be available across the country in 2,800 Co-operative stores, as well as participating stores in The Co-operative Retail Trading Group. Customers will also be able to order it by phone and online from The Phone Co-op.

Additional Information:

The Co-operative Group is the UK’s largest mutual business, owned by nearly eight million members.  It is the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer operating across the country with almost 2,800 local, convenience and medium-sized stores. 

Amongst its other wholly-owned businesses are the UK’s number one funeral services provider, the third largest pharmacy chain, a growing legal services operation and a major general insurer.

As well as having clear financial and operational objectives, the Group, which operates 4,500 outlets and employs approaching 90,000 people, is a recognised leader for its social goals and community-led programmes.

The Phone Co-op Limited:

The Phone Co-op sis an independent consumer co-operative based in Chipping Norton, Manchester and London. It is the UK’s only telecoms provider that is 100% owned and run by its customers.

Since 2012, when it adopted the Co-operative brand, The Phone Co-op trades as The Co-operative Mobile, The Co-operative Phone and Broadband and The Co-operative Business Telecoms. It operates nationwide, providing fixed and mobile telecommunications services to over 23,000 residential and business customers, including other co-operatives, charities and third sector organisations.

Social and environmental responsibility underpin everything The Phone Co-op does, from the way it treats its customers and staff to how it invests its profits. In the last 18 months, this co-operative has invested over £622,000 in solar photovoltaic installations and has supported community ventures like The Bevy Pub in Brighton.

Contact Information:

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The Phone Co-op
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