30 January 2023

Buroti wraps from Urban Rajah have launched in selected Co-op stores after the Berkshire-based food entrepreneur secured support through the convenience retailer’s accelerated support scheme for innovative and values-led smaller-scale suppliers.

The wraps – described as the ‘taste of India in a roti style flatbread wrap’ - will initially be available in around 100 stores, after Urban Rajah worked with Co-op’s accelerator scheme, known as ‘the Apiary’, which supports local, community and smaller-scale suppliers by offering tailored and dedicated support, mentoring and, advice on all aspects of the product journey into store.

Urban Rajah joins Dapur Mariae; Scrapples; Superfoodio; The Woolf’s Kitchen and, the Wonky Food Co to become among the first to progress through the convenience retailer’s Apiary programme and gain a listing in Co-op stores.

The Apiary programme provides suppliers with detailed industry and consumer insight; workshops; technical hints and tips and, access to Co-op’s dedicated buying teams – all of which combines to enable suppliers to accelerate towards a retail listing.

Urban Rajah will introduce products from its new ‘buroti’ range into Co-op stores, with Indian flat bread wraps packed full of fresh, fragrant and authentically spiced ingredients.

The first products in store are its: Hari Hari Chicken, which is described as a corn roti style flatbread, filled with Sabzi style salad, tumbled grains, green masala spiced Chicken, with a date and tamarind chutney and, its Vegan Smashed Onion Bhaji and Chickpea, which is a beetroot roti style flatbread, with wild rice, salad and a spiced mango chutney.

Ivor Peters, creator of Urban Rajah, said: “Being able to bring my food passions to a wide audience through the scale and reach of Co-op after working with its Apiary scheme is very exciting. I describe the products as the ‘taste of India in flatbread wrap’, they are inspired by Indian street food, packed with authentic flavours and, really easy to eat on the go - I am delighted that Co-op’s members and customers are now able to see and taste the results for themselves.”

Rebecca Oliver-Mooney, Co-op Head of Category - including Community Buying and The Apiary, said: “We know from feedback that innovation, provenance, quality and diversity is important to our Members and customers and we have been delighted to partner with the inaugural group of businesses to join our Apiary programme. We are committed to building relationships and supporting our suppliers, and we work to both anticipate and, respond to, changing consumer tastes and needs in our communities. We look for exciting, innovative and values-led producers, with a real point of difference that offers something unique to interest and excite our customers - I am delighted to see Urban Rajah’s products on Co-op’s shelves.”

As well as writing books, Ivor Peters has appeared as a guest on food programmes such as Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, and is a pop-up restauranteur and consultant to chefs and food businesses - creating and designing menus and products in need of his particular expertise in spiced ingredients from around the world.

Further information:
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Senior Press Officer; Co-op Press Office
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