Member Nominated Director Election 2021

Member Nominated Director Election: voting is now closed...

Our Member Nominated Directors (MNDs)

MNDs make sure our members' voices are heard at the highest level. Just like the Executive and Independent Non-Executive Directors, they sit on our Board, but they are chosen directly by our members.

All our Directors need to demonstrate a commitment to our co-operative values and principles. They must also have a strong commercial background and proven skills and capabilities.

Our Board members work together to determine the strategy of our Co-op and the MNDs play a key part in this, making sure the interests of members are at the heart of everything we do.

Our 2021 MND candidates

Voting for our 2021 AGM and Elections has now closed. Thanks to everyone who had their say. Our results will be published on this page following the AGM on 15 May 2021.

This year, we had one MND vacancy and three candidates to choose from.

The term of office for the MND position is three years. This year's candidates were:

Kate Allum

Sandra Campopiano

Wendy Barnes

See the results of our 2020 MND Election.

This election uses the Single Transferrable Vote System (STV). Full details on this system can be found in the useful documents section below.

Useful Documents

MND Election Regulations (PDF, 11 pages, 117KB)

Membership Regulations (PDF, 6 pages, 146KB)

Single transferable vote explained (PDF, 1 page, 187KB)