Member Nominated Director

Become a member nominated director.

There are 4 member nominated directors (MNDs) on the Co-op board.

Each year 2 MNDs are elected, or re-elected, by Co-op members at the annual general meeting (AGM) to serve a 2-year term.

Nominations for the 2017 MND elections have now closed.

The role

MNDs bring the voice of ordinary members to the boardroom, they:

  • help set the business strategy
  • oversee commercial and financial performance
  • ensure co-operative values and principles remain at the heart of our Co-op

Who should apply

Candidates need to meet both the eligibility and membership criteria.

The eligibility requirements are linked to skills, experience and empathy with co-operative values and principles.

The membership criteria includes:

  • how long the candidate has been a member of our Co-op
  • the candidate having accrued at least 1,000 trading points in the financial year to 31 December 2016

To check your length of membership and points earned, email

Full details of both eligibility and membership criteria are set out in our guidance notes and supplementary information.
MND Guidance Notes 2017 (PDF, 3 pages, 69KB)

In exceptional circumstances the membership criteria may be waived. The Council Secretary at can discuss this with you.

Candidates need:

  • an accomplished track record at an equivalent level in an organisation of substantial size and complexity
  • an awareness of the strategic and operational challenges our Co-op faces
  • to demonstrate an understanding of the needs of a business of the scale and complexity of our Co-op
  • integrity, independence and empathy with our values and principles
  • the ability to contribute, at board level, on a range of commercial and financial issues
  • to be able to develop and maintain an excellent working relationship with our members’ council
  • experience of risk management and strategic engagement
  • a commitment to best-in-class governance and oversight

Time commitment

The time commitment for the role is 3-4 days a month as a minimum. However to be fully involved with our business and our members' council the time needed is likely to be greater.

The board meets monthly in Manchester with occasional meetings in London.

The remuneration is commensurate with the roles and responsibilities.

Next steps and supporting documents

If you need help, or require further information, email us.

To help you fill in the forms, we’ve prepared guidance notes and supplementary information.
MND Guidance Notes 2017 (PDF, 3 pages, 69KB)

If you’re shortlisted, in order to meet regulatory requirements, you’ll need to provide further information for background screening checks. Any appointment is subject to approval by the Solicitors' Regulation Authority.