14. Motion from Council – Ethics and Sustainability (Carried - 97.73%)

Motion Ethics and Sustainability are an essential expression of our Values and Principles important to our members and forming the backbone of our Co-operative identity. This differentiates us from other business models while enabling us to achieve our purpose of ‘Championing a better way of doing business for you and your communities’.

Council have worked with the business to review our performance against Ethical and Sustainability targets and are represented in the review and revision of future policies via the Food Policy Working Group and Co-op Way Policy Committee.

This meeting supports the Board in placing Ethics and Sustainability at the centre of the Group and calls on the Board to continue progress in 2016/7 to ensure:

  • achievement of shared, and where appropriate, externally audited standards of Ethics and Sustainability;
  • that Ethics and Sustainability continue to be integrated into business strategy;
  • and there are specific, measurable goals to ensure both achievement of standards and the embedding of Ethics and Sustainability throughout the business.

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