• Susan Wilson



    By way of introduction, I have considerable experience in the Co-operative movement having been involved for over 20 years starting through Woodcraft. I have undertaken various elected roles and served on a wide range of committees. My primary job role is a Manager with Marie Curie. As your representative on the Council, I consider myself your ‘Eyes and Ears’ on all business matters and ‘Your Voice’ when you have concerns that need addressed. The strength of the Society comes from its active membership base and my aim for the Council is to be the anchor from grassroots to the Board.

  • Danny Veltman

    CTM at Co-op Food


    As the most northern employee member on the Co-op Members' Council and an employee in a food store in Stonehaven, I put myself forward to be elected, as I care about this organisation and I am passionate about the concept of Fair-trade. During my university days, I did a dissertation on this concept and got a 1st for my work. Every day, while volunteering, I put into practice some of the Co-operative Values and Principles, such as Concern for the Community & Caring for Others, therefore making me a credible person to be representing you all on the Council.

  • June Morrison

    Adult Education


    I became involved in Co-operative democracy in 2009, and served on the Regional Board and Area Committee. I have been a member of Council since May 2015 and serve on the Scrutiny and Governance Committees. My background is in IT, latterly in project management, and I also have extensive teaching experience. I believe there are two primary roles for Council members – holding the board to account, and representing the membership. Council strives to achieve these objectives, and a lot has been done, but at this early stage of its development Council has to change and develop as lessons are learned.

  • Tommy Millar

    Travel Counsellor


    My home is in Campbeltown on the beautiful Mull of Kintyre. Married to a teacher, we have three sons, now in their twenties. My big passion in life is football, and Hibernian FC in particular. I have been involved in Customer Service all my career, firstly in Insurance and latterly in Travel & Tourism. I came on to Council unsure if a 100 'strong' body will work. I remain to be convinced, though the 'Task & Finish' Groups do give me hope as does the breadth of talent and commitment that exists within it.

  • Ewen MacLeod

    Retired School Teacher


    I am fortunate and privileged to have been an elected member of the Co-operative Group and its predecessor organisations for twenty years. I have extensive experience within the Co-operative’s Membership representative bodies from Area Committee to Regional Board. I hold the Certificate in Co-operation, the Diploma in Co-operation and the Group Board Development Centre Certificate. I am much better equipped to represent the views of membership and act on their behalf. It is my belief active membership is the lifeblood of the Co-operative Group and elected representatives have an expectation to ensure Member Voice is heard, acknowledged and acted upon.

  • Barbara Holligan

    Sales Consultant


    As the Council’s northernmost member, living 30 miles north of Aberdeen and elected in 2006, I wished my local stores were more sustainable. The Coop’s ethical stance, stand on E-numbers, its clear labelling policy, salt and sugar free canned foods, Fairtrade goods, and Divi to reward loyalty, attracted me. Having shared responsibility for rebuilding Governance after the Bank crisis, and grateful for learnings and opportunities being an elected member gave me, I wish to see Member representation firmly embedded again, so future generations of Members can ‘Have their say’ and help make our Co-operative a national treasure once more.

  • Struan Ferguson

    Superstore Manager (Co-operative Employee)


    I have been involved in Co-operative democracy for over 12 years having been an Area Committee Chair for the Eastern Area Committee, and Regional Board Member for Scotland & N Ireland Board, was elected to a continuity seat in the Transitional Council, I was involved in sub groups that have helped form the new Council. I am currently Store Manager of a Gen2 Foodstore at Rosyth in Fife. I hope that Council can be a more modern democracy and challenge the Board on decisions that affect members and employees promoting a better and fairer way of doing business.

  • Pamela Maxwell

    Director - Linking Education and Disability, Scotland

    I am a qualified teacher and have taught both children and adults. I have been an Area Committee member for fifteen years and a Governor and now a Trustee for the Co-operative College.

    I appreciate the Co-op's emphasis on equal opportunities and will endeavour to uphold the Co-op's Values and Principles in the other community groups I am involved with such as the Fairtrade Steering Group for North Ayrshire and the Social Work Complaints Committee.

  • Bill Sadler

    I live in the Scottish Highlands and have been an elected member of the Co-op for over 20 years. I was also part of the Member Learner User Group, a Trustee of the Co-operative Foundation and most recently a local Member Pioneer. Now retired, I was a specialist teacher, a member of the Scottish Forum for Special Education, President of the Scottish Support for Learning Association and a Trustee of the UK Society for Co-operative Studies.

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