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Zach Evans & Rebecca Hamilton

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Zach: We had our Members’ Council meeting and we discussed a variety of things a lot of business updates was quite interesting and we also had a look at how the business deals in variety of areas so retail, Funeralcare, Insurance

Rebecca: I thought the membership session was really interesting. It’s the first time we’ve heard from Matt Atkinson who’s quite new. He’s put a scientific wrapper around membership, he’s trying to find out how we can better engage with our members. He’s bringing some digital aspects into that. The whole purpose of us increasing in our membership is to try and do more within our communities, so I found that quite interesting.

Zach: Being the youngest person on the Members’ Council, I thought the diversity statement was really interesting and really nice to discuss about what we can do as a Members’ Council and assure that our Council and members and the movement as a whole is diverse, does represent all of our members.

Rebecca: I started working for the Co-op 19 years ago and I first heard about the Member Council under the new governance structure and I thought as a colleague I would like to volunteer my time and join. So I put myself forward and I was so pleased to have being elected. It was it was really inspiring and I thought right now what can I do for our members.

Zach: I joined the Co-op because of the five and one. I was quite young when I joined, I thought it was a really good incentive, but I didn’t know much about the movement. Then I got involved with the Co-operative Party and from there met a few council members who were also involved in the party.

I’m really excited about Co-op’s future because the Co-op is caring for the future. As a young person, I’m really passionate about helping the environment and helping local communities. I’m really aligned with co-op on that. Recently we’ve heard about our compostable plastic bags, which I think is a massive step forward for a retail business. And the other campaigns that Co-op is focussing on, things like modern day slavery and a wide range of other ones, I think I can really get behind.