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As a member you have the chance to elect other members to represent you in our Co-op, or you could take on the role.

If you're not sure whether being on the council is for you, find out why one of our recently elected members decided to stand:

Lynne Hibberd

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00:01 I’m Lynne Hibberd. I’m the National Members’ Council for Yorkshire and Humber. I live in Holmfirth in West Yorkshire. I’m a senior lecturer in media and cultural studies at Leeds Beckett University. My role as a Council Member is to make sure that the Board are working in the interests of their members. The biggest challenge for me is getting in touch with other members and trying to represent their interests.

00:27 One of the reasons why we’re running these sessions today is to give you a chance obviously to ask any questions and also to hold us representatives… We have various events that we stage to raise awareness of the Co-op as a body and what it does but I do want to be talking to people a bit more and feel that I am representing them in some ways.

00:48 One of the things that I now do as a standard little goal for myself is if I’m driving past a Co-op I invariably stop and wander on in and say hi I’m Lynne I’m a member of the National Member’s Council. So the Council meeting is when we all get together as a body. We get together and we look at various areas of the Co-op’s practice; any areas that are of particular concern or any areas that we’re working on really well.

01:26 With the Co-op being driven more by community principles I think that’s really important and that’s being eroded in a lot of other areas. And I think we really need to keep that community thus alive and really build that back up. I think that is fundamentally important; that is the most important thing to have a sense of who you are and where you fit in with the rest of the world.

01:45 The thing that got me involved was I had watched a couple of the videos online and somebody had said if you’re thinking about being involved just get involved. If you’re thinking that maybe you could do it then probably you are the best person to be doing it.

Jeevan Jones & Tracey Lloyd

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