Healthy living

Helping our members, colleagues and customers lead healthy lives.

Co-operate Report 2020

We have an important role to play in helping our members, colleagues and customers lead healthy lives. We do this through the products we sell, our campaigns and by inspiring healthy, sustainable behaviours in communities.

In 2020 we removed 18 million teaspoons of sugar from customers' baskets through product reformulation. This brings the total removed since 2014 to 674 million teaspoons.

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Our Report

Download the healthy living Report section or the full Report to read more information about our work in this area:

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Our work focuses on:

Healthier products

We’re committed to designing products with quality, health and sustainability at front-of-mind. We're increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables as ingredients in Co-op brand products and continue to take a responsible approach to reducing the amount of salt, sugar and calories in Co-op brand products.

One of our key commitments to our customers is that 100% of our Co-op brand products which are 'reduced' or 'light' alternatives to a standard line will be no more expensive (based on price/kg).


We're removing barriers to choosing healthy options, helping our customers to identify and locate healthy products in store, and to make healthier and more informed choices. We make healthier options more affordable through promotions such as our 'Fresh 3' and we use our communication channels to promote healthier lifestyle choices. And we’ve led the way on clear and honest labelling over the years.

Inspiring behaviour change

We made a commitment in Future of Food to work with partners to inspire healthy, sustainable behaviour change in communities.

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