Evolving our membership proposition to support our Vision.

Co-operate Report 2020

As a co-operative, we’re owned by our millions of members who have a say on the work we do and how we’re run. Our insight shows that collective social commitment is stronger than ever so, in 2020, we evolved our membership proposition to further support our Vision of co-operating for a fairer world.

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Our Report

Download the membership Report section or the full Report to read more about our work in this area:

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Democratic Member Control

Democratic member control is achieved both in our governance structure and in other, less formal, ways.

From our 4 Member-Nominated Directors to our National Members' Council and AGM. Members are encouraged to have a say in how their Co-op is run.

Member participation

Providing members with engaging and authentic, everyday opportunities to participate in the business they own is key to our relationship with them.

850 Members virtually took part in our 2020 Co-op AGM

Through 'Join In', members shape our approach and influence our decision making on all matters of Co-op business, including policy development and implementation, product development, campaigning, community involvement and strategy.

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Co-operation amongst Co-operatives

We’re working to build partnerships that push the principles of co-operation forward and work together to help co-operatives and social businesses survive and thrive.

It's our ambition to be at the forefront of this movement, driving it forward and using our scale and influence to help others.

By relaunching our Membership proposition, we've doubled the amount going to communities.

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