Our people

Creating conditions where every colleague is proud of their Co-op.

Co-operate Report 2020

We’re working to create the conditions where every colleague is proud of their Co-op and uses their full potential to co-operate for a fairer world.

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Our Report

Download the our people Report section or the full Report to read more information about our work in this area:

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To help us achieve this in 2020, we focused on 5 priorities:


Our wellbeing strategy is shaped by what colleagues tell us matters most; providing tools, training and products to help colleagues manage their health and financial wellbeing whilst creating the culture where wellbeing becomes a part of all that we do.

  • 72% leadership index (benchmark 68%)

  • Engagement score remains at 76% over 3 years

  • Real Living Wage committed for 2021

Inclusion and diversity

Achieving our Vision requires all of our colleagues and leaders to bring their diverse talents to the table to make change happen. Creating an inclusive culture sits at the heart of everything we do, including our commitments to reduce racial inequality; a holistic set of commitments across colleagues, customers, membership and communities.

Read more information on our inclusion and diversity commitments.

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To help us deliver our Vision, we need leaders who are connected to our Vision and motivated by our purpose. Our Leadershift strategy provides development opportunities to all leaders, and continues to put our leadership behaviours at the foundation of all we do.

Building skills: Apprenticeships

We want to create an environment where every colleague can thrive. With over 1,000 apprentices on programme across all of our businesses each year, our apprenticeship programme provides access to lifelong skills for our colleagues and communities.

Image - Apprentices in hi vis jackets in discussion

Engagement, recognition and reward

Having engaged colleagues who are connected to our Co-op and feel valued for their contribution is fundamental to our ongoing success. Our colleague listening tools feed into our colleague plans across the business. We’ve always believed in a fair wage and continue to pay all our colleagues above the National Minimum Wage rate, and will be aligning hourly pay rates to the Real Living Wage from 2021.

Safer Colleagues, Safer Communities

Our ‘Safer Colleagues, Safer Communities’ campaign supports shop workers’ safety on a national scale, protecting our colleagues and others from violence, and tackling the root causes of crime.

Read information on our crime campaign.

  • Launched our commitments to tacking racial inequality

  • Over 1,000 apprentices on programme at any one time

Dividing line - Orange - E5814B