Resource use

Reducing the environmental impact of the resources we use.

Co-operate Report 2020

While we recognise that our biggest environmental impacts will come from changes in the way we source our ingredients, we also recognise that issues around recyclability of packaging, plastic pollution and the reduction of food that goes to waste are very important.

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Our Report

Download the resource use Report section or the full Report to read more information about our work in this area:

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Making packaging easy to recycle

Our ambition is to make all of our packaging easy to recycle, whether that is through local council collections or collection points at stores. We knew that to do this, we needed to be part of the solution by redesigning our packaging. We’ve made great strides forward in making unrecyclable packaging recyclable - increasing our easy to recycle packaging to 78% from a baseline of 46% in 2015.

78% of our own brand packaging is easy to recycle (by product line) and we’re working to achieve 100% in 2021

Plastic reduction

In 2020, we met our target (set in 2018) to reduce our plastic footprint by 6% per 1% market share and have set a new target to reduce this further.

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Food waste

Our FoodShare programme, which redistributes surplus food to local community groups, grew by 80% during 2020. Our depot teams shared 509 tonnes of surplus food with Fareshare in 2020. And we’re working towards our target to reduce food waste generated in our stores and depots by 50% by 2030, compared to 2015.

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