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Our commitment

Sourcing the ingredients and raw materials we use can have a significant impact on the natural environment, whether that’s in waterways, agricultural land, soil or forests.

We’re committed to caring for the environments that our ingredients are sourced from. Where it drives change, we support credible certification and work with key partners to take a restorative approach to nature.

As part of our commitment to responsible sourcing, we’ve worked with stakeholders to identify our 30 key ingredients, allowing us to focus actions on those areas with the greatest sourcing risk.

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Aquaculture and fisheries

We work to conserve our oceans, fish and the livelihoods of our suppliers. We apply a risk assessment process to all our fish products, which ensures we continue to source seafood responsibly.

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Forests and peatlands

We recognise the need for collective action to tackle deforestation and land conversion - one of the main drivers of climate change.

In line with our 10-Point Climate Plan, we’ve advocated for robust due diligence legislation on forest commodities as part of the UK’s Environment Bill and joined other businesses in raising concerns on changes to Brazilian legislation that would undermine protections of key ecosystems. We also look to take a restorative approach to landscapes we source from where possible.

We banned peat from our bagged growing media - a UK retail first

2nd highest UK retailer on the 2021 WWF Palm Oil Scorecard for our progress and commitments - ‘Leading the Way’ category

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Fields and orchards

We work with producers and growers, focusing on protecting our natural resources, water, soil and biodiversity and building resilience in the changing climate. We also understand that whilst doing this, we must also consider impacts on people and their livelihoods.

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Respecting animal welfare is an important part of our work in agriculture. For all our Co-op branded fresh, frozen and prepared meat and poultry products, our minimum welfare standard, and our main focus is Red Tractor. For higher welfare, we use RSPCA Assured certifications or equivalent.

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