Recommendation to give Modern Slavery Act teeth is welcomed by the Co-op

22 January 2019

A recommendation to give the Modern Slavery Act teeth has been welcomed by one of the world’s leading business supporters in the fight against slavery.

The Co-op, which has been campaigning against modern slavery since 2017, welcomes in its entirety the Independent Review of the Modern Slavery Act, and all its 21 recommendations.

Under the Act, large businesses have to report on what they have done to eliminate modern slavery from their supply chains but research show many – as many as 50% - fail to comply. If the reviews recommendations were adopted, the Co-op believes the Act would be far more effective.

The Co-op – the only British business ever to win the Thomson Reuters Stop Slavery Award - set up the pioneering Bright Future programme, in partnership with the Charity City Hearts, to create employment opportunities for victims of modern slavery. To date more than 100 survivors of modern slavery have been given support and work place opportunities, to help rebuild their lives.

Co-op’s Campaigns & Public Affairs Director, Paul Gerrard said: “At present many businesses simply ignore the Act and do not produce an annual modern slavery statement. That is why it is imperative that a single, independently run depository is created and enforcement of it given to a specific agency with the necessary teeth overseen by the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner.

“Today’s recommendations would genuinely help to stop men, women and children being exploited and enslaved. I hope Government will welcome them as unreservedly as any responsible business should and implement them all without delay.”

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